Dr. Matthew Chavis

Dr. Matthew Chavis is an accomplished author and speaker. His works have been featured through a plethora of avenues. His inaugural book Old Highway 316 offers readers a glimpse into his life, as he loosely based this fiction novel on his testimony. His upcoming work Torn Between Two Worlds will showcase his immense talent throughout multiple genres. Many of his stories encompass the best aspects of romance, drama, paranormal and suspense/thrillers.

Dr. Chavis is an entrepreneur and local business owner. In addition to running his own chiropractic office, he is an active member of his community and church. He takes great pride in sharing stories and connecting with those around him. Known for his creativity, he directs any praise offered him to God, as the Author of his gifts. Dr. Chavis can be found enjoying his four amazing sons and taking in the beauty of North Carolina, which he calls home.


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  • “A must read book, read the book and listen to the journey how God changed Dr. Matthew Chavis life. Dr. Chavis questioned God about his life and when I finally listened he found that he was always there . Dr. Chavis calls this his book. Gods book because it was God that lead him down this journey to write this book a young man from a small town of Lumberton NC who had never fathomed writing a book, but it’s a must read.”

    -Amazon Customer

  • “If you’re a Christian, this book is a wonderful reminder of God’s mercy and grace. Although our enemy is powerful, nothing can thwart God’s plans for us and no one can snatch us out of His hands if we are truly His child. If you have no interest in religious books, no worries. This book has enough twists and turns, enough suspense in the plot to keep you on the edge of your seat, a must-read for all!”


  • “Old Highway 316 is a great book and an easy read. It’s about life struggles that many of us, or someone we know, face in our lifetime. It gives the reader hope and encouragement that God is always there even when we feel alone and have lost our way. It’s a book that will leave you smiling and feeling good at the end.”Ryan S.

    -Ryan S.

  • “I thoroughly enjoyed this book as it was an easy read as well as a great story. This book is about our plans versus God’s plan for our lives. How things happen that are beyond our understanding and even when things go horribly bad God never leaves us! The enemy seeks to devour and this book is a true example of just how quickly it can happen…..but God is always faithful to make a way!”

    -Debbie S.

  • “Incredible book of LOVE and GRACE! A MUST READ!!”

    -Lora D.

  • This book spoke to me as I have been going through some of the same struggles as Thomas and Leslie. It helped me to realize who the real enemy is. Thank you so much Matthew Chavis for opening my eyes. May God bless you with an abundance of readers and followers with your upcoming books.”

    -S O C

  • “Very inspiring. Readers can feel the presence of God as he guides hearts in making choices that impacts each of their lives.”


  • “I thoroughly enjoyed reading Dr. Chavis’ book. Such an inspiring story that keeps your attention from the beginning to the very end.I would highly recommend it to anyone. His book proves that just when you feel all hope is lost, God was there all along. A wonderfully written book you must read!”


  • “Dr. Chavis did an amazing job of telling his story of trials, struggles and triumphant. Ultimately through faith and his belief in God he and his story comes full circle. It was a great read and I encourage anyone who may have doubts in Gods love give it a read. You will not be disappointed.”

    -Richard Chavis

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